Ice Dracon Lair

In the lair of the dragon ice grows unusual tree, whose fruit ripens in winter. The fruit of this tree is very curative - any illness disappeared in one day. Also, these miracle fruits give frost ate them. That is why some people are risking their lives making desperate attempts get the fruit in the ice dragon's lair. Of course, not everything is so simple. Guardians of the dragon guarding the fruits of men. If you encounter any of these people instantly freeze. Besides healing fruit in the den dragon lying around various precious stones, so if you want you can collect them too. The game is similar to the famous "Lode Runner". Our hero collecting all the berries on the same level, goes to other. The goal - to collect all the berries over N levels and remain unfrozen. Yes, everything else is our hero, collecting a miracle fruit, eats some of them to stay warm in the lair of the dragon. Also, our hero can pierce holes with a sledgehammer, but they quickly tightened the new ice. It is necessary to be afraid of custody ice dragon - namely, white wolf, snowy owls, white eagle, little harmful dragons - all it instantly freezes on contact. Also in the Dragon's Lair, our hero will face ice mine fire ice, ice water, treacherous disappearing platforms, and others.



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